SmC+ is a leading firm in digital policy strategy, with a focus on Latin America. 

We help global tech companies and international organizations surf the waves of Latam Policy Issues, adapting to the challenges and opportunities in each market.

Our unique service, Regulatory Assistance as a Service (RaaaS), enables our clients to overcome their regulatory hurdles in Latin America, by providing deep knowledge on local dynamics to support strategic actions.

Experts in digital public affairs with high-level access to regional decision-makers on public policy and strategy

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Sebastian Cabello is the Founder and CEO of SmC+. He is an accomplished expert with vast experience driving collective action, public-private partnerships and technology and public policy advocacy in Latin America. 

Sebastian founded SmC+ in 2020 that has established as a key provider of policy consulting services to global digital and ICT players as well as multilateral institutions such as the Inter-American Bank (IDB), CAF Development Bank, UN Economic Commission on Latin America, the Latin American Internet Association (ALAI), and the Fiber Broadband Association.

Between 2010 and end-2018, he was Head of Latin America at the GSMA, the global association of the mobile industry, and led the organization’s advocacy activities in the region. 

He holds a “Licenciado” degree in Economics and a Master in International Affairs from UC San Diego and has been a Fulbright scholar. He is also research fellow at the Center for Technology and Society (CeTyS) at Universidad de San Andres, Argentina.

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Telecommunications infrastructure management as a fundamental pillar for the future of Latin America

Full report in Spanish / Infographic only

Full report in English / Infographic only

Full report in Portuguese / Infographic only

Free download - 41 pages - December 2023 - By Sebastian Cabelllo, Diego Ros Rooney and Mauricio Fernández

This new SmC+ report for American Tower aims to update the findings and results of the 2021 study (see Reports section). It address the ongoing need for telecommunications infrastructure in the face of the advent of 5G technology, highlighting its criticality and the importance of infrastructure sharing. The report also provides an evaluation of the progress made in eight countries in the region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru) in terms of reducing barriers to deployment. The countries are grouped into those with significant, moderate, or no reductions. 

Considering the delay in 5G spectrum allocations and the challenges posed by the business case for this technology, the projections for infrastructure deployments have been revised downward compared to the 2021 study. 

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A responsible approach for new digital technologies in Latin America

This report was commissioned by the Salesforce Latin America and looks into the new approaches to develop and regulate digital technologies that are on everybody's mouth these days like artificial intelligence (IA). 

Authored by Ariel Riera, Paula Garnero and Sebastian Cabello, it proposes a customized narrative for the region that needs to leverage its tradition and existing rules on Human Rights that are today contained in the Inter-American system. It also provides examples to make principles a day-to-day guide for developing new digital products. 

Finally it proposes 4 lines for future work around trust, knowledge, inclusion and innovation for all stakeholders in order to have a balanced approach to this new opportunity.

SmC+ Salesforce Uso responsable de tecnologias digitales final.pdf

Free download - 27 pages - January 2023 - By Ariel Riera, Paula Garnero and Sebastian Cabelllo

Client Success Story: tailoring a global narrative to Latin America

Salesforce, a leader on embedding ethical and humane use guiding principles in the design, development, and delivery of software and solutions, particularly when it comes to working with data approached SmC+ to position itself in Latam and developing a compelling narrative that can bring together different stakeholders including NGOs. It was successfully launched in early April 2023 together with AS/COAS.

Assessing the Data Governance models in the public sector: the cases of Bogotá, Buenos Aires, México City and São Paulo

This study commissioned by the UN Economic Commission for Latin America continues on the work program that assess the progress of four key Latin American Cities: Bogotá, Buenos Aires, México City and São Paulo in the path to incorporate new digital technologies that can made them become "smarter". 

Deep dives into the institutional aspects of data governance looking into organizational, interoperability, regulatory and data integration issues. 

SCabello Cepal GobDatos jul23 S2300392_es.pdf

Free download - 67 pages - 11 Mb  - July 2023. By Sebastián Cabello. 

Expert Insight: The imperative of Data Governance in the digital era

This new Expert Insight Series #4 produced by Computing Engineering Dr. Silvia Alicia Gómez provides some guidelines on how to become a more data-centric organization for both public and private enterprises.

Developing a "culture of data", defining roles for the CDO as orchestrator and the data owners and overcoming legacy practices are among the aspects covered in this brief critical roadmap every organization need to consider when delving into digital transformation projects.

Expert Insight SGomez Final 15Mar23.pdf

Free download - 14 pages - March 2023 - By Silvia Alicia Gómez

Fiber "momentum" in Latin America

Latam FTTH Panorama 2023 

The FTTH Panorama 2023 for Latam was commissioned by the Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) Latam Chapter to SmC+ team and estimates the key performance indicators for existing deployments of fiber-to-the home ISPs in Latam-18 countries. 

Watch the video of Sebastián M. Cabello's webinar hosted by 5G Americas where he provided a preview of latest trends and upcoming FTTH Latam Panorama 2023 provisional estimates of the fiber sector in the region.

Exclusive for FBA members - 27 pages - December 2023 - By Diego Ros Rooney and Sebastian Cabelllo, Mauricio Fernández and Samuel Beltrán. Free download Infographic (2 pages): Spanish, English

Fiber and investment growth challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean

This report commissioned by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) recalls on the significant progress made in the fiber and fiber-to-the-home deployment in Latin America and the challenges that lie ahead.

By 2022, the estimated FTTH coverage in urban areas will be around 78%, and that the rural one will be very low, 15%. The average ceiling estimated for how far FTTH could reach in the region is 81% (93% in urban areas and 29% in rural areas). To achieve this projected trajectory, investments of USD 134 billion are expected for the whole region, where Brazil and Mexico combined would represent 44% of the total. 

SCabello Desafíos Fibra en ALC BID Sep23.pdf

Free download - 87 pages - September 2023 - By Sebastian Cabello. Published by the Inter-American Development Bank http://dx.doi.org/10.18235/0005153

Latam FTTH Panorama 2022 

The FTTH Panorama 2022 for Latam was commissioned by the Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) Latam Chapter to SmC+ team and estimates the key performance indicators for existing deployments of fiber-to-the home ISPs in Latam-18 countries. This presentation provides an overview of the report that is exclusive for FBA members. 

SmC+ - FBA - Webinar 202302 v1.0.pdf

Free download - 30 slides - February 2023 - By Diego Ros Rooney and Sebastian Cabelllo

The importance of having a flexible fiber value chain to sustain existing growth

A white paper commissioned by FYCO Telecom, allowed SmC+ to deploy its new reseach capabilites on Fiber Networks, most recently producing the FTTH Panorama 2022 for the Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) Latam Chapter.

The report portrays the fiber value chain in Latam, mapping key players.  It assesses on how an ISP fiber deployment can be affected by bottlenecks and delays in its value chain. 

It also, estimates the loses in "time-to-market" can reach up to 5 percentage points of market share.

SmC+ - FYCO - Abastecimiento Fibra Nov22.pdf

Free download - 32 pages - November 2022 - By Diego Ros Rooney and Samuel Beltran.Paper presented at Fiber Connect Latam in Bogotá on 8 November 2022.



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